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Trays & Plates

Our accumulation of decorative trays and plates are featured here that are of premium quality. Wedree has brought together decorative plates and trays across categories like minakari, oxidized glass, fibre plastic and wood. When you present these lustrous trays and plates as return gifts, your guests will surely be in awe.


Product type
Minimum Order Quantity
Minakari Plate 8 inch Special

1 review
Rs 193.00
Sold Out
Minakari Oval Plate 11 inch - W3670

5 reviews
Rs 186.00
Minakari Plate 10 inch Special

2 reviews
Rs 303.00
Save 3%
MinaKari Plate 6 inch Special

1 review
Rs 116.00
Minakari Plate 12 inch Special

1 review
Rs 429.00
Save 5%
Oxidised tray with 6 glass
Rs 773.00 Rs 814.00
Save 1%
Minakari Oval Plate 10 inch - W3671

1 review
Rs 160.00 Rs 162.00
Minakari Oval Plate 12 inch - W3669

2 reviews
Rs 231.00