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Premium Gifts

Premium gifts from Wedtree are not wrapped in paper, but in LOVE! Presenting to you a large assortment of premium gifts exclusively hand picked specially for you. Find below a wide range of collection of brass gifts, marble gifts, utility gifts, Tanjore paintings, and wedding essentials. These gifts predominantly serve as home decor, showpieces and utility. Explore the collection to gift your close relatives, business partners, and most loved peers.


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Ceramicware Collection
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Minakari Thambaalam Special

1 review
Rs 869.00
Gold Plated Prayer Box Mini - WL1092

2 reviews
Rs 369.00
Gold Plated Prayer Box Large - WL1094

3 reviews
Rs 629.00
Gold Plated Prayer Box Small - WL1093

1 review
Rs 479.00
Sold Out
Save 14%
Marble hand painted pot - WL0705
Rs 1,710.00 Rs 1,995.00
Save 14%
Marble hand painted pot - WL0706
Rs 1,710.00 Rs 1,995.00
Save 14%
Marble hand painted shankh bowl - WL0708
Rs 3,780.00 Rs 4,410.00
Save 14%
Marble hand painted pot - WL0707
Rs 1,350.00 Rs 1,575.00
Sold Out
Marble hand painted container - WL0712
Rs 1,980.00 Rs 2,310.00
Save 13%
Save 14%
Save 14%
Sold Out
Marble round tray with box - WL0739
Rs 810.00 Rs 945.00
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