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Favor Bags

Favor bags are cute gift bags usually containing sweets, toys and trinkets, and other small gifts. We, at Wedtree, have collected a variety of hand woven favor bags specifically for you to pick from! Check out our handpicked collection that amazingly serves as return gifts. Gift these amazing picks to your guests on special occasions like wedding, baby shower, navarathri and we are sure you would rush back!


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Jute Bag - Self Design Print with Zipper - WBG0092

4 reviews
Rs 69.00
Save 21%
Jute bag - Stripe 5 colour print and zipper - WBG0007

1 review
Rs 115.00 Rs 145.00
Save 22%
Jute bag - Warli print with zipper - WBG0001

5 reviews
Rs 105.00 Rs 135.00
Sold Out
Sold Out
Hand Bag With Brocade Print - W3521

1 review
Rs 75.00
Hand bag raw silk with floral embroidery - W3607

3 reviews
Rs 85.00
Sold Out
Hand Bag - Peacock Feather - W1612

18 reviews
Rs 69.00 Rs 79.00
Sold Out
Floral Embroidery Purse with Zipper - WBG0111

3 reviews
Rs 55.00
Mango Designed Embroidery Purse with Zipper - WBG0112

2 reviews
Rs 55.00
Save 22%
Jute bag - Mango prints and zipper - WBG0010
Rs 125.00 Rs 160.00
277 results