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Brass Gifts

Here comes our incomparable collection of Brass gifts of superior quality and unique designs to exceed your expectations ! Our wide assortment of brass gifts include brass figurines, brass urlis, brass diya, and brass utility. These incredible creations are handcrafted with love and care by skilled karigars. Go on and place your orders to capture the hearts of your most loved ones!!


Product type
Minimum Order Quantity
Brass Kerala Diya - WL0018
From Rs 76900
Brass Hammered Urli - WL0115
From Rs 89900
Sold Out
Fancy Diya - WL0025
Rs 38000 Rs 39500
Brass Cow and Calf - WL0013
Rs 12,15500
Save 42%
Brass Elephant Urli - WL0063
From Rs 2,94000 Rs 5,06000
Sold Out
Brass Flower Diya - WL0038
Rs 63000 Rs 66000
Save 10%
Brass Ganesha on Jhoola - WL0558
Rs 14,27500 Rs 15,82000
Save 5%
Brass Flower Shaped Diya - WL0037
Rs 63000 Rs 66000
Save 5%
Brass Peacock Urli - WL0061
Rs 2,94000 Rs 3,08000
Sold Out
Brass Ganesh Diya - WL0082
Rs 3,39000
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