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Jute Bags

Jute bags are the most popular and classic choice of return gift. Wedtree offers a great variety of jute bags in assorted designs and colours that are flawlessly sorted for our precious customers. Present a worthy piece of return gifts to your guests during special occasions and they would surely love it!   


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Jute bag - Box print with Zipper - WBG0002
Rs 125.00 Rs 160.00
Save 22%
Jute bag - Mango prints and zipper - WBG0010
Rs 125.00 Rs 160.00
Save 22%
Jute bag - Warli print with zipper - WBG0001

3 reviews
Rs 105.00 Rs 135.00
Save 21%
Jute bag - Stripe 5 colour print and zipper - WBG0007

1 review
Rs 115.00 Rs 145.00
Jute bag - Warli Print - 10"X12"X6" - WBG0021

4 reviews
Rs 90.00
32 results