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Wedding Essentials

How happy will you be if you find all wedding essentials under one roof? Here, Wedtree offers a wide range of wedding essentials that are of supreme quality to perfectly meet your requirements. We have a complete wrap-up of wedding essentials that include Kasi yatra set, pattu paai, nalangu dolls, meenakari manai and containers, and much more. These wedding essentials are sure to perk up your wedding celebration and make it a sure shot success! 


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Nalangu Doll - Iyer
Rs 1,760.00
Saree Box

1 review
From Rs 435.00
Minakari - Copper Lotta
Rs 784.00
Minakari Kudam Small - W4250
Rs 1,012.00
Nalangu Doll - Baby Shower
Rs 1,650.00
Nalangu Doll - Andal Krishna
Rs 3,990.00
Designer Kudam
From Rs 2,640.00
Sold Out
Kasi Yatra - WBG0078-12
Rs 3,499.00
Sold Out
Kasi Yatra - WBG0078-3
Rs 3,499.00
Kasi Yatra - WBG0078-5
Rs 3,899.00
Sold Out
Kasi Yatra - WBG0078-18
Rs 3,899.00
Sold Out
Kasi Yatra - WBG0078-19
Rs 3,499.00
Sold Out
Kasi Yatra - WBG0078-20
Rs 3,499.00
Sold Out
Kasi Yatra - WBG0078-21
Rs 3,899.00
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