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Diyas are an integral part of our pooja utility and best serves as return gifts. Diyas indicate the advent of light and happiness and Wedtree has the best collection handpicked for you! Present these beautiful decorative diyas to your most loved ones during important celebrations like Diwali and Karthigai deepam.


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German Silver Sunflower Shaped Devdas Diya Small - WBG0147

2 reviews
From Rs 39.00
Save 5%
White Metal Oxidised Lakshmi Ganesh hand diya gold finish - W3858

3 reviews
Rs 98.00 Rs 103.00
Lakshmi Shunk Deepak - W4175

2 reviews
Rs 105.00
Save 4%
Round Crystal Deep - 3.5 Inch - WBG0012

1 review
Rs 125.00 Rs 130.00
Brass 5 Leaves Shaped Diya - WBG0045

1 review
Rs 105.00
German Silver Devadas Diya with Petals - WBG0074

1 review
Rs 49.00
60 results