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Hand Bags

Featured here is our exclusive collection of handbags that are hand woven passionately by highly skilled weavers. These handcrafted treasures are of top-notch quality and they come in assorted designs and colors. We are sure your guests would love such a jaw-dropping return gift and your occasion would be an unforgettable one for them.


Product type
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Hand bag raw silk and satin floral design

2 reviews
Rs 110.00
Handbag with Bhandani Print - WBG0336

2 reviews
Rs 59.00
Hand Bag with floral embroidery - W4583

2 reviews
Rs 95.00
Hand Bag with Multicoloured Floral Design - WBG0169

1 review
Rs 89.00
Handbag with Pulkari Embroidery Design - WBG0456

2 reviews
Rs 89.00
Hand Bag Peacock Feather Design - W0931

5 reviews
Rs 95.00
Save 13%
Hand Bag - Peacock Feather - W1612

18 reviews
Rs 69.00 Rs 79.00
Save 21%
Hand bag raw silk with Peacock design - W3826

9 reviews
Rs 63.00 Rs 80.00
Hand bag with Warli Print - W4041

5 reviews
Rs 84.00
Save 11%
Hand bag raw silk with golden leaf design

4 reviews
Rs 79.00 Rs 89.00
Hand Bag With Brocade Print - W3521

1 review
Rs 75.00
Save 9%
Hand bag raw silk with dandiya prints medium

19 reviews
Rs 63.00 Rs 69.00
26 results