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Saree Trails Edition - 5 @ Mumbai on 7th, 8th & 9th April!

Kumkum Holders

Kumkum holders possess a significant place in the heart of women. Just imagine the amount of happiness they would perceive when gifted with beautiful decorative ones! Priced affordable, Wedtree has beautifully crafted pieces to make your hunt for return gifts easier. Gift these wonderful kumkum holders to your guests and make them feel special just like how their presence makes your celebrations special!!


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Elephant Double Kumkum holder with Lakshmi - W4186

1 review
Rs 219.00
Elephant Kumkum Holder - W3641

2 reviews
Rs 105.00
Duck Double Kumkum holder - W4174

8 reviews
Rs 139.00
Gold Duck Kumkum Holder with Stand - W3696

3 reviews
Rs 86.00
Gold Duck Kumkum Holder - W0325

1 review
Rs 69.00
Elephant Double Kumkum holder with Ganesha - W4184

1 review
Rs 256.00
Pearl Ganesh Kumkum Holder

1 review
Rs 115.00
Oxidised kumkum box - W4439

2 reviews
Rs 99.00
Brass KumKum Box - WBG0367

5 reviews
From Rs 99.00
Dibbi Kumkum Holder - WBG0475

1 review
From Rs 159.00
33 results