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It’s JUNE, the most hyped wedding season of the year! And I’m sure we all would have at least more than 2 wedding events to attend this month. To the endless stream of ‘I do’s’, cake tastings, love and laughter! Amidst battling the summer sizzle, outfit checks, and clearing schedules, there’s always that one tiny detail that sneaks up on us: The perfect wedding gift. But you’ve got to face it, after all it's 2024 and nobody wants to show up with just another wall clock, photo frame or a generic greeting card. 
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Tamil New Year, also known as Puthandu, is celebrated with great fervor in Tamil Nadu, India. Falling in mid-April, this auspicious occasion marks the beginning of the Tamil calendar year. The festivities typically include traditional rituals such as the preparation of a special dish called "Maanga Pachadi," made from raw mangoes, jaggery, neem flowers, and other ingredients symbolizing life's various facets. Homes are adorned with colorful kolams (rangoli) and mango leaves, signifying prosperity and growth. People visit temples to seek blessings, wear new clothes, exchange sweets, and spend time with family and friends. Cultural events featuring classical music and dance are also organized. The celebration embodies the spirit of renewal, hope, and gratitude, welcoming a promising start to the year ahead. 

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Celebrating & honoring WOMEN around the world!

International Women’s Day - It all began as a bid to eliminate discrimination against women worldwide, providing them with equality in rights and opportunities. Although Womanhood calls for a celebration everyday, this day is globally marked to express our respect and admiration for women. Women are often known for their resilience, grace and how effortlessly they carry out multiple roles in the families, community and the society with finesse. This year, let’s celebrate them with beautiful gifts because every woman deserves to experience the joy of receiving a special gift on their special day!

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