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Utility Return Gifts

From penstands and tissue holders to pocket mirrors and key hangers, Wedtree has various utility return gifts that are curated with utmost care and compassion. Check out our huge collection of utility return gifts and we are sure you will be amazed with the choices available. Gift these amazing handcrafted pieces to your family and friends and revel in the satisfaction of gifting a worthy piece.


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Minakari Plate 8 inch Special

1 review
Rs 193.00
Sold Out
Silver Plated Round Bowl - W3473
Rs 144.00 Rs 152.00
Save 5%
Silver & Gold Plated Bowl 4 inch with Spoon - W3714

1 review
Rs 180.00 Rs 189.00
Save 5%
Silver & Gold Plated Bowl Set of 2 with Plate - W3712

4 reviews
Rs 299.00 Rs 315.00
Minakari Oval Plate 11 inch - W3670

6 reviews
Rs 186.00
Sold Out
White metal Flute key hanger gold finish - W4031

2 reviews
Rs 284.00
Dark Wood Hand Painted Key Hanger 8 X 4 inch - W3926

1 review
Rs 191.00
Minakari Glass

20 reviews
Rs 89.00
Minakari Plate 10 inch Special

3 reviews
Rs 303.00
Silver Minakari Glass

1 review
Rs 88.00
Sold Out
Lac Pocket Mirror
Rs 53.00 Rs 72.00
Sold Out
German Oxidised Glass - W3651

2 reviews
Rs 79.00
Sold Out
Sold Out
Save 11%
Silver coated bowl small
Rs 39.00 Rs 44.00
Glass Bowl Silver
Rs 115.00
74 results