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On display is our collection of beautiful decorative utensils that would best serve as return gifts on the day of your celebrations. Perk up your important celebrations by presenting these amazing utensils as return gifts. These make a perfect choice of return gift for wedding, baby shower, navarathri, and so on!!


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Minakari Glass

20 reviews
Rs 89.00
Save 27%
Silver coated bowl small
Rs 32.00 Rs 44.00
MinaKari Peacock Tray Set with 2 Glass - W1560

4 reviews
Rs 414.00
Sold Out
Minakari Box - Peacock Design Medium - W3204

1 review
Rs 253.00
Silver Minakari Glass-W2925

4 reviews
Rs 83.00
Minakari Dabba with Stone work 7inch - W3637

1 review
Rs 546.00
Oxidised Box - 5Inches - WBG0153

1 review
Rs 229.00
Meenakari Glass - Gold - WBG0395

1 review
Rs 99.00
German Oxidised Poori Box - WBG0459

1 review
Rs 199.00
Sold Out
Sold Out