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Pooja Utilities

Pooja celebrations hold a significant place in our hearts and so does the return gifts we offer! We ought to give memorable return gifts to our guests for them to hold on to the goodness imbibed during the pooja. We are sure our accumulation of pooja utilities would be the best memorable return gifts. Make your guests feel special by presenting unique and beautiful return gifts during auspicious occasions and devotional pooja celebrations.


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White Metal Agarbathi Stand

7 reviews
From Rs 52.00
Leaf Agarbathi stand Oxidised Ganesh - W0115

12 reviews
Rs 69.00
German Silver Lakshmi Agarbathi Stand - WBG0069

5 reviews
Rs 89.00
White metal gold finish Arati stand - W4604

1 review
Rs 200.00
Save 3%
White Metal OM Agarbathi Stand

6 reviews
From Rs 74.00 Rs 76.00
Meenakari Manai - WBG0104
Rs 110.00
Leaf Agarbathi Stand Gold Ganesha - W0123

1 review
Rs 69.00
Meenakari Manai -W3829

1 review
Rs 79.00
Meenakari - Akshadai box

2 reviews
Rs 26.00
Sold Out
Organic Aromatic Incense Cones - WL1656

1 review
Rs 145.00
Organic Incense Sticks with Holder - WL1657

1 review
Rs 165.00
Designer Rangoli Mixed Design-W2976

3 reviews
Rs 139.00
Mango Designed Decorative Rangoli - WBG0022

1 review
Rs 89.00
Sold Out
German Silver Tulasi Maadam - WBG0096

8 reviews
Rs 75.00
29 results