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Tanjore Paintings - A prized possession!


Tanjore painting, a classical South Indian art form that originated in a small town named ‘Thanjavur’ back in about 1600 AD, is most popularly known for its authenticity! It is traditionally called ‘Palagai Padam’ which means the ‘painting done on wooden planks’. A representation of our rich Indian heritage, a real treasure that can be passed on to generations. This art form is renowned for its dense composition of deities in vibrant colors and original Gold foil embossing.

It is a timeless art form carried out by traditional South Indian artists over decades and continues to inspire many more budding artists across the world!! 


The art of Tanjore Painting is time-intensive and necessitates great commitment and meticulous artistry. And to your attention, each and every Tanjore Painting curated by Wedtree has a special highlight and are created by National Merit Awarded Artists

  • The surface richness of our Tanjore paintings is what makes them stand out from the pile. 
  • Our accumulation of Tanjore paintings has beautiful inlaid time-tested materials like original Kundan stones, and various precious and semi-precious stones (American diamonds)
  • For a royal appearance, these Tanjore Paintings are adorned with a liberal amount of original Gold/silver foil that never fades. 
  • We also have embossed and semi-embossed Tanjore Paintings ornated with precious and colorful gemstones. 


🤩 Wedtree’s Treasures: 

Flip through Wedtree’s unique collection of Tanjore Paintings done by National Merit Award Winners, and you will find some really amazing Tanjore paintings that are absolutely stunning!

We have a lot of customization options for your varied requirements. We can customize the size of the Tanjore paintings, the type of frame it comes in, and the subjects of the paintings according to your need! 

  • We make Tanjore paintings in various sizes - 6x6, 8x6, 8x10, 12x10, 15x12, 14x18, 15x18, 20x16, 24x18, 24x30, and 24x36. We also undertake orders for Mandapam frames of larger sizes (eg: size 2x3 feet). Take, for instance, if you want to grace up your puja rooms, temples, or prayer halls with Tanjore paintings, we can specifically design frames and paintings according to the chosen area and serve you accordingly.  
  • Briefing about the types of frames we provide, our signature picks - Plain, Mani-type, and Chettinad frames in Teak Wood, Synthetic frames, Acrylic and glass frames, and Mandapam frames! 
  • We are also open to theme customization wherein you can illustrate any unique, inimitable subject that you want and we can serve you with the same. For example, a painting featuring Ram Leela, 64 forms of Lord Shiva, Vishwaroopam of Shri Maha Vishnu, and so on!! 


Furthermore, you can find plenty of unique subjects displayed in our curation of Tanjore Paintings. If you are a lover of ancient art and authentic paintings, these Tanjore paintings are a great choice to pamper yourself. An excellent Premium gift option to your loved ones for any grand occasion like housewarmings, inauguration ceremonies, puja celebrations, and any other auspicious occasion!! These Tanjore Paintings are an absolute prized possession that has a timeless life and can be treasured forever. We bet these Tanjore Paintings when gifted are sure to bring appreciation and praises to you by your loved ones! 

 Shop with us and Revel in the joy of gifting to yourself and your loved ones!! 🎁

Thenmozhi Iyappan