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The Ultimate Varamahalakshmi Pooja Kits: Celebrate Hassle-free

The Ultimate Varamahalakshmi Pooja Kits: Celebrate Hassle-free

Padmasane padmakare sarva lokaika poojithe
Narayana priya devi supreetha bhava sarvada!
Varalakshmi Pooja is observed usually on the full moon day of Shravana month, falling somewhere between July and August of the Gregorian calendar. This day is celebrated with a lot of reverence and passion. With married women praying for the welfare and prosperity of their enitre family, long life and health for their husbands and a bundle of joy and happiness for their children, this occasion holds a lot of significance. 
At wedtree, we not only recognized the importance of this festival but also went a step further and created a special collection of pooja utilities, return gifts and of course curated combo kits that would make your Varamahalakshmi celebration hassle-free.
Below are the images of the combo kits, especially designed for this yea's Varamahalakshmi. We created seven different combos, all falling within the price range of 2995/- to 6995/-. These combos constitute a minimum of 10 different pooja essentials and a maximum of 15 such items. They have been categorised into two - German Silver Combo Kits and Brass Combo Kits, based on the base material.
Above images represent Wedtree's Varamahalakshmi German Silver Combo Kits. In these kits we have included thorans, malai, diyas, amman face, arthi plates, haldi/kumkum holders and even incense stick and cones, along with a Varalakshmi Vratam Book - a step by step guide for new beginners. 
We have similar curation in Brass as well. You can go ahead and look for those combos at our website or visit our stores to have a touch and feel experience. Team Wedtree wishes you a happy and fulfilling Varamahalakshmi Pooja celebration this year. 
Please note that German Silver products look exactly like silver, but are available at a much less price. While they are very affordable, they have to cared for. As German Silver products tend to get oxidised when kept in open spaces for long, it is advised to wrap them safely to prevent color change caused by oxidisation. 
Spread love and the joy of gifting by shopping with us. Revel in the joy of gifting to yourself and your loved ones! 
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German Silver Fest 2023!!

German silver fest by Wedtree - A fest in a class by itself!! 

A massive range of German silver products starting from decors, pooja utilities, pooja essential kits, return gifts and much more! Handcrafted by super skilled karigars from across India, we have curated an exclusive collection in German silver for you to choose from. 

A super amazing fest @ Wedtree that'll be featuring a massivve array of GERMAN SILVER products!! We have put together an exquisite collection of pooja utilities, budget-friendly return gifts, awe-strinking combos, kits & packs and a lot more! 

✅A week-long fest, starting May 1st - 7th 2023!

FLAT 7% OFF on all German silver products!

✅A special gift for FREE on all orders above Rs. 5000/-

What is German silver? 

German silver products are silver look alike products and are a perfect alternative to pure silver at a very affordable range. These look exactly like silver, are durable and come in light weight. German silver is widely renowned for its lustrous appeal and timeless beauty. The most popular products crafted in German silver are jewelry, pooja articles, decor items such as urlis, and musical instruments. 

Get to know how to maintain German silver products!! 

  • German silver products oxidize with time when exposed to open air just like silver. 
  • You need to pack the products airtight after use to retain its shine and luster. 
  • These products can be cleaned using tamarind, toothpaste, and special purpose cleaners available in the market. 
  • German silver products must be handled gently to prevent disfigurement.

Wedtree's Curation! 





An exclusive range of Pooja utilities starting from kumkum holders, prasadam bowls, diyas, Kuthu vilakku collection, and a lot more for you to explore in this segment. We have products in both silver finish and antique finish. 



2 Exclusive pooja kits with all pooja essentials @ just 3999/- and 7999/- An excellent pick for yourself or you can gift this to your loved ones and we are sure it will be appreciated by them. 





German silver return gifts at a super affordable pricing starting from just Rs.40/- If you are looking for return gifts in bulk at budget-friendly prices, this one is absolutely for you! We have more than 50 options in German silver return gifts for you to choose from. Check it out! 


Combos and Packs!



We also have put together some beautiful pooja utility combos and return gift packs for you to pick! 

Check it all out, shop with us and Revel in the JOY OF GITING to yourself and to your loved ones! 

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Gift Sponsorship for Shaastra, IIT Madras!

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Tanjore Paintings - A prized possession!

Tanjore painting, a classical South Indian art form that originated in a small town named ‘Thanjavur’ back in about 1600 AD, is most popularly known for its authenticity! A representation of our rich Indian heritage, a real treasure that can be passed on to generations. 
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