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Getting ready for Navrathri

Getting ready for Navrathri


 Are you a Super Star of Navrathri / Golu Celebrations??!

Here's an opportunity to share your Navrathri Ideas! Help people to celebrate a Grand Navrathri!

Huge number of People are looking for Ideas and Preparation Tips from Super stars like you! They might look for suggestions like..

  • Where we can buy Golu Idols which are price worthy & beautiful?
  • When we need to start buying the idols and other decorative items if we don't have any of those?
  • Themes that can be showcased for this year's Navrathri
  • Snacks & Desserts Ideas for Offerings to God.
  • Gifts Ideas for Guests who will be mostly women.  

Just do the following to get






We will also randomly pick your ideas & feature them! Still Waiting??!! 



Hi!! Its a super way to exchange ideas. While I stayed in Chennai i always purchased golu from khadi gramudyog gopalpuram. Now in Bangalore its Gandhi bazaar. Have made it point to purchase few sets every year and add to collection. This year am planning to go for golu steps.
Coming to theme idea, planning of bringing different gurus across india together on a single platform.
Well, as for return gifts I am still waiting for something new which is really useful. Am looking out for unique toran strings in the range of 50.rs or beautiful diya set which can light using cell in the same range.
Eagerly waiting to read others messages and ideas!!

I love eco-friendly and useful gift items. Last year for Navarathri/Golu, I gifted all the ladies a long Jute purse with a Kalamkari patch. Pretty, useful and eco-friendly. For theme, I enjoy showcasing India, or Indian states to be more specific. One year, I made a big thermocol Kerala map and showed everything that is important about Kerala. Last year I made Valley of Flowers. This year am yet to choose a theme, but will definitely be an Indian state. Happy Golu and Navarathri everyone!

Last year I had gifted Tulsi and rose plant saplings to the ladies
For small.kanya girls handmade jhumkas
So definitely some eco friendly and useful gifts

For women i prefer to give in traditional gifts always( blouse bits/kumkum and manjal/ fruits) in a paper bag or jute bag. I like to give shawls too. It will be useful in the winter season.

Lets make this Navrathri.. plastic free Navrathri…also we can show case some theme to conserve earth.. go green..no plastic covers for sundal prasadam.. no plastic gifts or plastic bags…


I have an idea to encourage children tell stories from epics.. every evening if navrathri. Also give gifts that are eco friendly..

Thank u

Avoid plastic bags, covers, cups used in marriages in serving food, etc., may be one of the themes in the golu
Get navarathri gifts from WEDTREE, since they are attractive and liked by all.
Seasonal fruits can be used to prepare desserts

If you have kids .. plan for a number of moral stories and connect each other by placing them in a park /village theme

Please select or buy Dolls from golubommai mayuram … At reasonable price … Check Facebook in the name mentioned

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