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Celebrate with Wedtree!

Celebrate with Wedtree!

Navrathri - literally meaning 'Nine Nights' is one of the greatest festivals of India. The festival symbolizes victory of good over evil, positivity over negativity. The main deity worshipped during the festival is Goddess Durga. Navrathri festival is also known as Durga Puja.

Total worship is of nine days and Goddesses Durga, Lakshmi, Saraswati are worshipped in those nine days.

  • First three days are dedicated to Durga - the goddess of valor,
  • Next three days are dedicated to Lakshmi - the goddess of wealth,
  • Final three days are dedicated to Saraswati - the goddess of knowledge.

Navrathri is celebrated differently all over India. For instance, in Gujarat, people gather in groups to perform the Dandiya and Garba dance. The dandiya sticks of various colours are used. Some people also throw dry colours on each other.

In South India, Navrathri festival is called as Golu / Bombe Habba / Bommala Koluvu. Golu is the festive arrangement of idols and figurines. Friends and family visit each other's home where golu is arranged and spend the eve reciting slokas, singing songs etc. To express their gratitude for their friends and family, people will give return gifts from small divine idols to expensive gifts. Each year Navrathri festival / Golu is celebrated by huge number of people all over India and world. NRIs too celebrate Navrathri in grand manner keeping up with their customs and traditions.

This year Navrathri will begin on 10th October 2018 and ends on 18th October 2018.

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Lot more blog posts to come! So, do wait and we'll share you the best of ideas, gifts & more! If you have any ideas on Navrathri preparations, comment below and get Premium access to Navrathri Offers from Prashanti Sarees & Wedtree!

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