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150 Jute & Ikkat Design Bag as Favor Bag for Wedding in USA.

150 pcs Jute & Ikkat Design Bag as Favor Bag for a Wedding in USA.

Material & Usage

This bag is made of jute with Ikkat Design. This jute hand bag is big enough to hold a big size coconut/fruit, some sweets and a gift along with a saree. As per customer's request these jute bags were customized in Red Colour. Color customization can be done on bulk orders (above 100 pcs). Thank you card has been tagged as per customer's request. 

Thank you card with the personalized message can be tagged with the jute bag at an additional cost of Rs 7/-. This jute and ikkat design bag is a unique and useful return gift for Wedding, Engagement, Baby shower, Arangetram and all other family occasions. 

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I’m interested….is this the final price ?

Awesome very informative content..!


Cost of this Jute Bag is Rs. 190/- Thank you card’s price has been changed – Rs. 7 /-

Cost of the above jute bag?? And tag you said its extra 5/-??

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