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Tamil New Year, also known as Puthandu, is celebrated with great fervor in Tamil Nadu, India. Falling in mid-April, this auspicious occasion marks the beginning of the Tamil calendar year. The festivities typically include traditional rituals such as the preparation of a special dish called "Maanga Pachadi," made from raw mangoes, jaggery, neem flowers, and other ingredients symbolizing life's various facets. Homes are adorned with colorful kolams (rangoli) and mango leaves, signifying prosperity and growth. People visit temples to seek blessings, wear new clothes, exchange sweets, and spend time with family and friends. Cultural events featuring classical music and dance are also organized. The celebration embodies the spirit of renewal, hope, and gratitude, welcoming a promising start to the year ahead. 

Wedtree’s curation of Pooja utilities for Tamil New Year celebrations! 

Exclusive pooja utilities including brass & german silver trays to present offerings during poojas. Unique, beautifully handcrafted diyas, urlis, figurines, pooja thali sets, in different categories like brass, german silver, white metal, zinc alloy and much more for you to explore. Be it for a simple pooja at home or special poojas at temples, we have a huge range of options for you to choose from. You can pick these for yourself or even gift it to your loved ones during this auspicious occasion. 


Return Gifts

Last but not the least, people meet and greet each other visiting their friends and relatives on this day. And on that note, people also offer return gifts to the ones visiting their homes as a token of love. An enchanting collection of return gifts starting from just Rs. 99/- across different categories to leave your guests in awe.

Celebrate this Tamil New Year in pomp and grandeur with Wedtree’s jaw-dropping collection of pooja utilities, gifts & return gifts! May this new year bring lots of joy and happiness to all of  us!