Home decor and return gift ideas for Housewarming!

By Thenmozhi Iyappan  •   3 minute read

"Home is where the heart is!"

What’s more heartening than building your own house?? And when you’ve accomplished it, isn't it a dream come true for you? And this achievement definitely calls for a supergrand celebration. In India, it is traditionally celebrated in the name of house warming or gruhapravesam. This celebration involves a devotional pooja performed by a priest with all the family members followed by a ceremonious feast. It is believed to bring in good luck, peace, prosperity and positive energy among the family members. 

Besides, your masterwork should not end here. After all, your earnestly built home deserves a lot of pampering. Artistically crafted home decor hangings, showpieces, authentic urlis, and decorative vases will do the job for you! 


Here's what you can adorn your home with.

Brass Decor
Brass decor is a significant addition that you can choose to bounce up the interiors of your home. It adds beauty and grace to your living space. We, at Wedtree, have curated amazingly crafted brass decor priced justifiable, for you to easily pick from.

 Decor Showpieces

Over the past few years, the hunt for decor showpieces has considerably increased among the young and middle-aged. This is because showpieces predominantly add to the beauty of your home and it reflects on your way of living. Find some incredible showpieces from Wedtree and adorn your home.

Urli makes an amazing centerpiece and adds charm to wherever it is placed - a classic piece of home decor. If you want to give a traditional touch to your living space, you must try placing urli as a piece of decor for the artistic features they carry. You can place an urli filled with water and decorative flowers at home, as it is believed to make the surrounding calm and lively. 
Decorative Vases

If you are looking for an attractive figural focus, you can go for decorative flower vases. You can place fragrant flowers neatly arranged in the flower vase for an attractive display. Find some hand picked treasures from Wedtree and pick your favorite one.


How can a gruhapravesam be fulfilled without return gifts?? We Indians, traditionally and emotionally, love to present return gifts to our guests. Don’t we??  Most of us would like our return gifts to be thoughtful enough to seal a spot in the hearts of our guests. How excited will you be if you have a supercool guide on how to choose the perfect return gift for your gruhapravesam??? 

Here are some return gift ideas for your gruhapravesam ceremony.

Dry Fruit Boxes
A dry fruit box would be an eminent choice of return gift for your housewarming celebration. It is a very useful kitchen utility that would be loved by most of the guests when received as a return gift. Make a wise choice and your guests are sure to be in awe. 

Kumkum Holders

A kumkum holder holds a special place in the hearts of most of the women in India. It is considered as a divine symbol of devotion. If you like your return gift to have a pinch of an emotional touch, go for a kumkum holder and make your guests feel loved and blessed.

Pooja Utilities
When you offer a pooja utility as a return gift, your guests would definitely feel blessed and their happiness would surely turn into a blessing for you. Go for it and experience the joy of gifting a worthy piece!

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