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Varamahalakshmi Vratam 2022

Accompanied by some relaxing doses of cool wind and mild showers, the month of August sets the start of the festive season of the year. With exciting offers coming up in television ads, the marketplace filled with festival commodities for sale, we could find the festive season gearing up everywhere. The first festive occasion from the load is the Varamahalakshmi Vratam which falls on the 5th of August, 2022.

Varamahalakshmi Pooja is a popular ritualistic occasion that is celebrated in grandeur in the honor of Shri Mahalakshmi, “the Goddess who grants boons”. This auspicious occasion is renowned among married women all across India with a lot of faithfulness and devotion. Varalakshmi pooja is performed by women in the belief of imbibing blessings for the well-being of their families. This celebration can be observed in the pivotal states of India like Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and Maharashtra.

The conventional Varalakshmi Pooja procedures - Vrat Vidhi!

Worshipping Goddess Mahalakshmi on this special day carries great significance in attaining the blessings of good health, wealth, and fortune at once. It is a universal belief that worshipping Goddess Lakshmi on this day is equivalent to revering Ashtalakshmi!!!

  • The celebration begins with decorating homes, sketching colorful rangolis, and preparing delicacies.
  • The pooja preps - people place a sacred Kalash with Gangajal (holy water). Then, they offer haldi, kumkum, akshat, and annaprasadam to the Goddess. 
  • On this auspicious occasion, married women take up a devotional fast to invoke the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi. 
  • The most important and propitious segment, people chant Shri Mahalakshmi Vidhanam during the pooja. 


How to perform the VARALAKSHMI Pooja - a simple guide!


First, place the idol of Goddess Lakshmi on a chowki or manai and place beside a sacred Kalash on some rice spread over a banana leaf.


Next, you’ve got to adorn the idol with flower garlands to honour the Goddess. To add to the allurement, you can light up some aesthetic Brass and German silver diyas.


You must offer haldi, kumkum, akshat, and prasadam to please the Goddess. Use Brass/silver utensils to present annaprasadam offerings, it is considered very auspicious.


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Wedtree’s Varamahalakshmi special deals! 

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Wedtree & Team wishes you a very Happy Varamahalakshmi Vratam!! Let Goddess Lakshmi bless you in abundance and May you find all the delights of Life!!


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