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NAVARATRI - The festival of nine nights!

Owing to the rich fusion of various cultural traditions, rituals, celebrations, and embellishments, India is greatly honored as the ‘land of festivals’!! And the most exciting festival of the year, Navaratri, needs no special mention. Navaratri, one of the super grand festivals celebrated across India is devoted to Goddess Durga. Spanning over 9 nights and 10 days, during which the nine forms of Goddess Durga are worshipped by devotees each day. With eye-catching stage decorations, stunning Golu arrangements, ceremonial poojas, drooling delicacies, and exciting return gifts, this festival has so many noteworthy special elements.

So, what’s special about Navaratri 2022? After 3 long years of the pandemic, this year we would get to meet a lot of friends, near & dear ones. To make this year’s Navaratri celebration more special and unique, here’s all what you will need! 

Miniature GOLU by Wedtree!

We, at Wedtree, have come up with an all-new and exciting concept of “Miniature Golu” where we have a cute and compact Tanjore Painted Golu stand on top of which you can place various miniature idols. Looks extremely unique and classy and is sure to make your Golu one of its own kind. 

We have a full on set with the steps and idols readily arranged. You can also pick the Golu stand and choose idols of your own and set up a Golu display of your choice.

Navaratri Pooja!!

Next, what's up with the poojas we perform at home?? An essential pooja kit with all the necessary pooja utilities is all that you will need! At Wedtree, we have come up with 2 exclusive pooja kits, especially for Navaratri Pooja! An all silver and an all gold pooja kit, a fair collection of pooja utilities to perform a simple pooja at home! 

All Silver Pooja kit!


All Gold Pooja kit!


The most special element of the festival!

Although this festival is celebrated in different cultures in different parts of India, one special element that stands constant is presenting return gifts to our guests!! Year after year, looking out for something different, something special, and definitely something that keeps up with the latest run, to present as a return gift, for most of us might be challenging and time-consuming. 

Here’s Wedtree to make your hunt for return gifts absolutely thrilling and hassle-free. Wedtree has more than 2000 return gift options to choose from, specifically curated for this Navaratri’22! This special curation by Wedtree will give you an enthralling experience leaving you absolutely spoilt for choices. We also have pre-packed return gift combos which will have a favor bag, a return gift, and a haldi&kumkum set, to be distributed to your guests. Making it even more hassle-free and a convenient shopping experience for you. 

Navaratri Return Gifts

Starting from just Rs. 45/-

Return Gift Combos

Starting from just Rs. 49/-

Check it all out, shop with us and Revel in the JOY OF GIFTING to yourself and to your loved ones.