Happy Friendship Day!!

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Everybody is a friend to somebody because friendship is the only relationship that comes with zero expectation and full acceptance of one another. This beautiful bond has turned lives and runs so deep between people that it sometimes stands the test of time and becomes a legacy to be celebrated. 

A good friend is what one needs to get through any kind of a situation. Friends are our go-to emotional support system and that special relation needs to be celebrated everyday. Many friendships have stood the test of the time despite being very vritical of the mistakes and appreciative of the successes. 

The sense of belonging and social connection that we establish through our friends helps us to survive tough situations. Not just that, friendship is the only relationship that rises above language, culture, gender, likes and dislikes. Celebrate your best friend this friendship day by picking from our exquisite collection. 

Friends stand by us on our successes and failures. They believe in us even when we don't. They fight for us, even when we give up. A true friend is the best gift that you can ever receive from God. To celebrate your special bond with that best friend of yours, Team Wedtree has curated a collection for this friendship day. 


Gifting your friend is one simple yet beautiful way to express how much you value this bond and how grateful you are for having such a friend. Life becomes beautiful when you have a shoulder to lean on, a hand to hold and a friend to laugh it all with. While that beautiful life is limited for all of us, let’s cherish our moments together and celebrate each other for who we are. Go ahead and pick up a gift for your best friend from our wide collection. 

For last minute purchases, you can directly visit our stores to pick from our widest collections. Our stores are located @ 37, Thanikachalam Road,(opp. to Hotel Mathsya) T.Nagar, Chennai 600017 and Road. No.1, Prashanti Sarees building, (Opp. to Care Hospital) Banjara Hills, Hyderabad! 

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WD89567 – My first order with wedtree.
I received the parcel through Bluedart. But 3 items are missing.
Colourful Rangoli Pooja Stool – 15 Inches – Round – WL2652
Pichwai Printed Tray – Set of 2 – WL3421
Hexagon Shaped Meenakari Bajot- 10 × 10 inch – WL3322-2
I have sent email and posted in chat. Chat as usual without reading my message, I got the shipping details. If you are sending by another shipment, you should let the customer know. You promote your store so much. But the shipment details were not given till I asked. I am very disappointed. There is no phone no to call. I have become sick as I spend the whole day sending messages. The pooja items are for navarathri . But when will I get them. If there is a complaint, you should address immediately. Call me. I have given my no in Chat. All your emails are unwanted advertisement. You are promoting sales but customer service needs to be improved.

Dr. Jeyanthi,

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