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A host of Wedding Gift options - not confused, just thrilled!

Wedding Gifts by Wedtree

From the Tales of a customer! 

For as long as I can remember, whenever we had a wedding to attend, I have always been on frequent trips to various gift shops with my mother in search of a good gift. When everybody else used to suggest cash envelopes, she would always say we must gift something unique, thoughtful, and treasurable that would evoke a lasting impression. Many a time, even if we are looking for a gift for a very close relative or dear friend, we would run out of ideas when it comes to wedding gifts. With countless specifications with regard to quality, uniqueness, utility, and finally budget, it has always been challenging for us to find the ideal gift for a wedding. 

Once, when I was casually scrolling through my Facebook feed, I came across this page named Wedtree which had numerous gift/return gift options for weddings. Coincidentally, that was the time I was looking for a unique gift for my best friend's wedding with whom I’ve been friends for the last 20 years. I became super excited and my mom’s level of excitement needs no mention. We immediately called them up and enquired and came to know that they have a stand-alone store located at T Nagar

The very evening, when we visited their store in person, honestly we were thrilled to see such a vast variety of gifts for weddings, like, we could never think of such unique and fabulous gifts even in our dreams. We were so confused and we spent nearly a couple of hours picking one gift from the wide pool of fabulous ones. 

Here are a few gifts that we really liked and shortlisted to buy for my friend. 

I had 4 types of gift options in mind.


My friend has had a boatload of ideas and aspirations in setting up her new home in the UK where she will be moving in right after her wedding. So, I thought interior home décor gifts would be of great use while she sets her home up. And the Brass décor gifts that we found at Wedtree, not only as home décor but I thought would be a valuable possession of hers that can be passed on to generations, too! 



The wall clocks, mirrors, and frames that we saw there, definitely NOT the usual boring ones. They had premium branded clocks, ‘the Carpe Diem’, and decorative mirrors with such unique and ethnic hand paintings and brass embossing. And I thought, these wall decors would perfectly add to the contemporary setup of her new home just as she loves. 



Though we used to be all playful and fun-loving, deep down my friend was a typical traditional girl who loved wearing sarees, visiting temples, lighting diyas, engaging in spiritual celebrations, etc., And since their collection of Brass and German Silver diyas was so eye-catching and delightful, I totally wanted to pick them for her. They had a vast variety in different sizes and not to forget their German silver antique collection, very authentic and mind-blowing.



Being a newlywed couple, they might have frequent drop-ins visiting them, say, for small meet-ups and casual tea parties! So, I also wanted to present these amazing serve ware that was appealing and great in functionality. I specifically loved this ceramic Tea set way too much, and couldn’t wait to pick them for myself, too! 


We loved each one of these gifts from Wedtree and were absolutely spoilt for choices, though! And can you guess which one of these gifts we had picked?? 

After all, we chose a super classy figurine - a set of Radhe Krishna in Brass which was truly a breathtaking masterpiece. The figurines that we bought were priced at Rs.34,790/- and I must say, it was worth it. 

We couldn’t take our eyes off the figurines and wholeheartedly would love to recommend this place for exciting gift options. Later, to our greatest surprise, Wedtree also offered to ship our gifts to the UK themselves and made it really easy for us!

For the case of international shipping, their packaging was on point and also, the products were delivered on time, as promised!      

We had a great shopping experience and too much satisfaction 
in just a visit, we really can’t wait to purchase from them again! 

Here is the picture of the figurine that we gifted to my friend, beautifully decked up by the Wedtree team to show us a display of how we could adorn them at home! 

I have attached the images and links of all my favorite Wedtree products to this blog if you wish to buy them, too! Check it all out, pick an extraordinary gift for a loved one, and thank me later!

Revel in the joy of gifting to yourself and your loved ones!! 

Thenmozhi Iyappan

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