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Here's how a Ghaziabad based NGO utilized seed balls to preserve nature!

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Here's how a Ghaziabad based NGO utilized seed balls to preserve nature!

"Look deep into nature and then you will understand everything better."

                                                                                 - Albert Einstein

We are lucky to live in this beautiful planet Earth. Drastic changes to the environment have led to Global Warming. Countries all over the world have joined hands in saving nature.

Factors like deforestation, emitting harmful pollutants are some of the main causes for the Global warming. You can lend your support in preserving nature by doing small things that don't cost much. These include planting more trees, reducing Plastic usage, preventing deforestation etc. 

So where or how to lend your support. Well, you have a great opportunity through return gifts. Yes! You can spread awareness to hundreds of people ( guests ) who attend your event be it a Wedding, House Warming, Baby Shower, Engagement, Birthday Party or even a get together by giving away return gifts that preserves nature!


Wedtree has come up with a thoughtful return gift that will not only serves the purpose of expressing gratitude to your guests but also involves you in saving nature. Have you checked out our exclusive Seed Balls? 

So what is a Seed Ball? 

Seeds are wrapped in soil material - mixture of clay, compost and dried. It is a pre-planted one that can be sown in places where it is safe until the germination process.

Is it safe? Where it can be sown?

It is 100% safe and sustainable. If you have a huge garden space, you can sow both tree & plant seed balls or else you can sow plant seed balls alone. Apart from your home it can be sown alongside roads also. 

How to sow Seed Balls?

All you have to do is gently press the seed balls in the soil. Voila! Few years later, you can see it as a Vegetable plant or even a big Tree!

Seed Balls as Return Gift

You may now have a clear idea on what seed balls are all about. Now, it's your turn to order these seed balls as return gift for you Wedding, House Warming, Birthday Parties & other events where you can lend your support!

Here’s our valuable customer using Seed Balls to involve himself in saving our nature drive.

Hope Foundation, an NGO based in Ghaziabad, U.P., India have already began their journey towards preserving nature. 

Mr. Asit Khanna, Secretary, Hope Foundation ordered for 84 packs of Tree Seed Balls and we never knew he’s from the foundation nor how he’s going to utilise these seed balls! To our amazement, he sent us few images and videos where members, volunteers from the NGO and even some School children were also seen throwing seed balls from the top of a hill in Nainital district. 

They used slingshots and also bare hands to throw these seed balls and it was part of their Mega Tree Plantation & seed bombing drive. It was truly an amazing act by these people and we feel proud in delivering the seed balls to NGOs like Hope Foundation who supports preserving nature!

You can also visit their website :

Variants in Seed Balls

We have two variants - Tree & Plant seed balls. Each pack contains 6 assorted Tree or Plant seed balls. 

Tree Seed Balls pack contains 6 assorted / mixed tree seeds viz., Banyan, Pipal, Margosa, Portia, Jamun, Sandal.

Plant Seed Balls pack contains 6 mixed / assorted vegetable seeds viz., Brinjal, Lady’s Finger, Tomato, Chilli, Cluster Beans.

Worried about the price? You don't have to! 

Price of Tree Seed Balls ( 6 Nos in a pack ) - Rs. 30

Price of Plant Seed Balls ( 6 Nos in a pack ) - Rs. 35

It's time for you to stop thinking & order this lovely, nature-friendly return gift today by visiting this link!*

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