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Goodbye 2023, Hello 2024!

The clock ticks down to the final moments of 2023! A year to remember for some, and a year with lessons for some of us. We might have made new friends, lost our dear ones, achieved great things, or overcame failures. Each of us have had our own roller coaster rides! Time to PAUSE, REWIND and RECALL our journey in 2023.

Here’s all about Wedtree’s 2023!

This year, 27th of January, we celebrated our first year anniversary of our Chennai showroom @ Thanikachalam Rd, T.nagar. It was an overwhelming and proud moment for us at Wedtree, to celebrate one full year of spreading the Joy of Gifting worldwide. Fulfilling the gifting needs of over a million customers for various festivals and special occasions throughout the year we've been humbled by the warmth and support of our community.

Starting with the Women’s day sale where we distributed free gifts to women as a token of love and respect towards womanhood; and special hampers for Holi, we hosted an amazing GERMAN SILVER FEST where Wedtree showcased a mind-blowing range of gifts and pooja utilities in German silver. With the overwhelming response from our customers, we hosted another exciting fest - The JUTE MELA! With more than 100 varieties in designs and colours, we offered a huge range with a lot of customization options (colour, size, printing, handle type, zipper/velcros) Later, we also hosted the MEENAKARI FEST with a magnificent showcase of colourful and vibrant Meenakari gifts and hampers. 

WEDTREE - 10th Anniversary ! 

August 6th marked a monumental milestone for Wedtree – our 10th Anniversary. From humble beginnings with just 30 products, we've grown to boast three vibrant stores and a catalog of over 5000+ diverse products. This decade-long journey has been adorned with the smiles of millions of satisfied customers worldwide, a testament to our dedication and passion for spreading joy through gifting. 


On popular demand by our dear customers, we opened exclusive showrooms @ Hyderabad in May and Bangalore in August! The love and support that we received for our stores was certainly unbelievable. It is truly inspiring and motivating us to serve our customers better and better every year. 


Next comes the most exciting part of the year for us at Wedtree! We had an exclusive & special curation for
VARAMAHALAKSHMI and NAVRATRI! Wedtree, being a pioneer in return gifts and now a leader, we never miss an opportunity to delight our customers who seek return gift options. 2000+ return gift options, favor bags, return gift combos, customizable combos, Navratri Pooja utilities and premium gift hampers, we hosted a breathtaking range of gifts, return gifts, and pooja utility options to our customers. 

The Sugar Rush Sale in July was a sweet highlight at Wedtree. We offered a flat 10% discount – a gesture that was met with unparalleled enthusiasm, breaking all our previous sales records. Customers were thrilled with the savings, and the buzz was contagious. But the icing on the cake was the corporate world's embrace; numerous business clients walked through our doors, placing bulk orders that far exceeded our expectations.

DIWALI SALE, another exciting time that we had this year. We had super exciting hampers that were much loved and appreciated. We had a lot of corporate companies placing their orders with us for gifting their employees, clients and business partners. Last but not least, our CHRISTMAS & NEW YEAR SALE! We were thrilled to have so many International customers who placed bulk orders with a lot of customizations done.


Apart from this, we also ventured into a beautiful journey of spreading the Joy of Gifting worldwide as part of THE SAREE TRAILS! Throughout 2023 we traveled to different parts of India namely Madurai, Coimbatore, Mumbai, Trichy, Bangalore, Thiruvananthapuram, Salem, Pune, and Vishakapatnam. An amazing gift & home decor exhibition like no other, gave us an opportunity to understand the gifting preferences of people across different states and unforgettable experiences meeting our customers who have been purchasing with us online.

As we walk towards 2024, we take this moment to show our love and gratitude towards the super talented karigars we work with. We would also like to thank every customer who bought a product at Wedtree this year. Your purchase makes a direct contribution towards the upliftment of a karigar’s life. 

Wishing you all a very happy and prosperous new year 2024. 

-Team Wedtree.

Thenmozhi Iyappan
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Ganesh Chathurthi - A Divine and Joyous Celebration


Ganesha or Vignaharta - The God of beginnings, wisdom and the destroyer of obstacles. He is held very close to the heart by many Hindus. Usually associated with him are the qualities - simplicity, intelligence, humility, bravery, and much more. This Ganesh Chathurthi is observed for 10 days and each day is celebrated with great pomp and grandeur.


Wedtree is no exception among those who hold Ganesha very dear to their hearts. At Wedtree, we have very unique idols and figurines of Ganesha made of different base materials such as Brass, German Silver, White Metal, Polyresin, Marble, etc. To put it simply, out of the 5000+ products we have across 100+ categories, Ganesha can be found in almost every category. Such is the affinity we have towards Ganpati Bappa.


To celebrate our favorite Gananayaka, we decided to put together a very unique collection of idols, figurines, premium gifts, utility gifts and return gifts, almost all of it featuring Ganesha in different forms. We’ve done our part and it’s now time for you to go ahead and deck up your house for the upcoming Ganesh Chaturthi. 

With vibrant colors, rich traditions and an unstoppable energy, Ganesh Chathurthi is celebrated all across India and even beyond by the devotees. One important practice is to buy an idol of Ganesha, preferably made of clay to perform elaborate poojas at home and dissolve the idol after the poojas in the nearby waterbody with fervent chants, music and dance.


Celebrate this Ganesh Chathurthi with Wedtree by shopping with us and Revel in the joy of gifting to yourself and your loved ones. Go hassle-free by choosing Wedtree and we got you covered for this festival season. 

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Celebrating the Shapers of Million Lives!

Teachers are nurturers and shapers of many generations of people. Every year, on September 5, the contributions and teachings of the teachers are acknowledged by celebrating them and wishing them from the bottom of our hearts for their true service. Gifting them with thoughtful gifts is a beautiful way to acknowledge their contribution in our lives. At wedtree, we truly believe our teachers made us into who we are today! 


Education is the cornerstone of everyone’s life. In today’s competitive world, knowledge is the highly influential soft power one can wield upon others. Such knowledge is bestowed upon us by teachers, books, internet, etc.. but one thing exclusive to teachers is that they give life lessons which are not available in any other place. To that special teacher, find a unique gift from our abundant collection of gifts. 


Gifts to your teachers don’t have to be that usual pen and diary. It can be anything that you know your teacher would love and reiterate the fact that their services and hard work is valued and cherished. Our teacher’s day special curation includes the regular stationery, trendy handbags and clutches, compact bangle holders, desk organizers and much more. And don’t limit yourself to just this and feel free to explore our entire collection displayed both online and at our stores located in Chennai, Bengaluru and Hyderabad. 


Revel in the joy of gifting to yourself and your loved ones. Pause and take a moment to recognise the tireless efforts and continued service of our teachers. They shape not only their students but the future of the entire nation by building an empathetic, intelligent and smart future generation. Go ahead and thank them with a truly beautiful gift from Wedtree!

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Happy Friendship Day!!

Everybody is a friend to somebody because friendship is the only relationship that comes with zero expectation and full acceptance of one another. This beautiful bond has turned lives and runs so deep between people that it sometimes stands the test of time and becomes a legacy to be celebrated. 

A good friend is what one needs to get through any kind of a situation. Friends are our go-to emotional support system and that special relation needs to be celebrated everyday. Many friendships have stood the test of the time despite being very vritical of the mistakes and appreciative of the successes. 

The sense of belonging and social connection that we establish through our friends helps us to survive tough situations. Not just that, friendship is the only relationship that rises above language, culture, gender, likes and dislikes. Celebrate your best friend this friendship day by picking from our exquisite collection. 

Friends stand by us on our successes and failures. They believe in us even when we don't. They fight for us, even when we give up. A true friend is the best gift that you can ever receive from God. To celebrate your special bond with that best friend of yours, Team Wedtree has curated a collection for this friendship day. 


Gifting your friend is one simple yet beautiful way to express how much you value this bond and how grateful you are for having such a friend. Life becomes beautiful when you have a shoulder to lean on, a hand to hold and a friend to laugh it all with. While that beautiful life is limited for all of us, let’s cherish our moments together and celebrate each other for who we are. Go ahead and pick up a gift for your best friend from our wide collection. 

For last minute purchases, you can directly visit our stores to pick from our widest collections. Our stores are located @ 37, Thanikachalam Road,(opp. to Hotel Mathsya) T.Nagar, Chennai 600017 and Road. No.1, Prashanti Sarees building, (Opp. to Care Hospital) Banjara Hills, Hyderabad! 

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Celebrating our fathers!

A father is not just a father but also a friend, guide, protector and much more to every son and daughter. Fathers are known for their silent hard work in establishing a strong foundation for their children. They are also role models to their children because of their hard work, dignity, integrity, bravery and strength. Every father always wishes and strives to make his child’s dream come true. Such a father - a strong pillar of support - deserves a special gift from you on this Father’s day, becausw we know you love him, very dearly!



It is an undeniable fact that every father should be celebrated everyday and showered with love and care always. However, presenting a lovely gift on this father’s day would make him overwhelmed with joy. Experience the feeling of gifting the person, who has always gifted you, to cherish that memory forever. Revel in the joy of gifting your father from Wedtree’s wide collection of gifts specially curated for this father’s day. 

To every daughter’s first love and every son’s first friend - DAD, make this day extra special and memorable with these gifts from Wedtree - A one stop destination for all your gifting needs. Choose from our wide array of gifting options to pick a unique and memorable gift for your dad. Be it a wallet, diary, pen, wall hanging, coffee mug or a painting, we have it all covered. Go through our website to choose the perfect gift for your father. 


 For last minute purchases, you can directly visit our stores to pick from our widest collections. Our stores are located @ 37, Thanikachalam Road,(opp. to Hotel Mathsya) T.Nagar, Chennai 6000017 and Road. No.1, Prashanti Sarees building, (Opp. to Care Hospital) Banjara Hills, Hyderabad! 


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Celebrating the unsung heroes of our lives!


For the matchless love, countless sacrifices and never ending support, there is nothing that none of us could repay our moms with. To be honest, we always take her for granted, don’t we? So much effort, sacrifices, and love without a single expectation in return and we often fail to celebrate her enough. This year, let’s not! To the unsung heroes of our lives, let’s make an effort to create a special moment to celebrate our moms! 

Though moms deserve to be celebrated round the clock, a special celebration on Mother’s day will definitely be a memorable one. With mother’s day peeking around the corner, I’m sure we all have got to plan something special to make our moms feel special. Even though we could make her day just with a loving smile and hugs, a little something just for her is going to take her on clouds. 

A special gift, Something that she will love and cherish. 

Confused with what to gift your mom? Don’t really know what she loves and will appreciate? Want a personalized gift? A gift that suits your taste and budget as well? 

Wedtree - A one-stop destination for all your gifting requirements. We have a handpicked collection of special gifts curated for this Mother’s day! From jewel organizers, handbags, kumkum boxes, and special hampers, we have a wide array of gift options for you to choose from. 



Time to make this Mother’s day extra special and unforgettable for your mom with these excellent gift picks! Not only for Mother’s day, but these gifts are also ideal to be presented as gifts to your mother on her birthday, or any other special occasion!! 

For all the last-minute rushers, you can directly walk in and find all these gift items available in our store located @  37, Thanikachalam Road,(opp. to Hotel Mathsya) T.Nagar, Chennai 6000017. 

Thenmozhi Iyappan
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Tamil Puthandu Celebration 2023 !

The most awaited festival of the year, the Tamil Puthandu falls on the 14th of April every year which marks the outset of a new year and a lot more special occasions. This festival is celebrated in different forms in different names across India. In Tamil Nadu, it is celebrated as Puthandu, in Kerala as Vishu and Baisakhi in West Bengal and North eastern states. This day is largely celebrated in grandeur mainly in the state of Tamil Nadu accustomed to various regional rituals. 

So, this is how the Tamil New Year is celebrated! 

The celebration of Tamil New Year is considered much auspicious and is celebrated by Hindus across the country. 

People wake up early in the morning, dress up and prepare delicacies to celebrate this day. They also deck up their homes with flowers and decorations to create the festival hype. The pooja rooms in almost every home will have a pooja set up to perform poojas, and special gifts & return gifts to present to their loved ones. 

The ritual of KANNI (meaning ‘auspicious sight’) is most popularly followed on this special day. This ritual is performed for Goddess Lakshmi, worshiping her to receive the blessings of wealth in abundance. A tray loaded with fruits, flowers, betel leaves, gold and silver jewelry, money, and other valuables is placed in front of a mirror. This setup being the first sight of the family members on the day of Tamil New Year is what this ritual is all about. 

At Wedtree, we have a handpicked curation of products in Figurines, idols, pooja utilities, divine return gifts and much more. All that you would need to celebrate this occasion in grandeur and have a fulfilling celebration. 

Figurines & Pooja Decors!


Pooja Utilities and Gifts!


Return Gifts for your loved ones! 

Place your orders now and Revel in the JOY OF GIFTING to yourself and your loved ones!





Thenmozhi Iyappan
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Celebrating the KING OF AYODHYA!

There are many special occasions when devotees across the world host various celebrations in the honor of Lord Rama. One such occasion is the day of his birth - SHRI RAM NAVAMI

Thenmozhi Iyappan
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Celebrating Womanhood! - International Women's Day 2023!

Make your loved ones feel special and loved with our beautiful curation of gifts for this women's day! We are sure they're gonna love it and appreciate your love and efforts. 

Thenmozhi Iyappan
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Time to say both Goodbye & Hello!


With a lot of dreams and hopes to reach greater milestones in 2023 and beyond, here's TEAM WEDTREE Wishing you all a very happy and prosperous NEW YEAR 2023. May this year be filled with lots of fortune, lots of love, and lots and lots of happiness for all of us! 

Thenmozhi Iyappan
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CHRISTMAS - The season of Giving & Gifting!


After great hustles and bustles during the year, a cozy season that gives us the much needed warmth and ease is December - the time of CHRISTMAS! Long before the Christmas day (25th Dec), cheer and excitement begins to kick in among people just from the start of December. All over the world, people set up beautiful Christmas trees and cribs in their homes along with the ever gleaming Christmas star hung outside almost everybody’s homes! A cheerful time when people share love and lots of gifts to all those they hold dear. 

Thenmozhi Iyappan
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Karthigai Deepam 2022!

Karthigai Deepam is one of the oldest traditional festivals that is being celebrated largely by South Indians in various parts of India. It is celebrated on the auspicious occasion of full moon day in the month of Karthigai. It is believed that Karthigai Deepam is a festival that wards off evil & negativity and enlightens our lives for the better and best! 


Thenmozhi Iyappan
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