Know what you buy - Brass

Brass is one such metal similar to Copper but varies in certain characteristics.  It is an alloy that consists of copper with zinc added to it. Because of the presence of zinc, the color of brass can change from Red to Yellow.  This metal is used in decorative items and Pooja items as it looks similar to Gold. Most of the commonly used Brass utensils are Brass kadai used for cooking purpose, Brass diyas for worships.

Benefits of Drinking Water:

Water stored in Brass glass or Brass Jugs are considered to be very pure . Consuming water stored in Brass utensils will help us to improve immunity and detox your body. It is said that this water can combat water-borne diseases.

Instead of choosing harmful choices like plastic it is advised to choose metals like Brass, Copper etc as alternatives.  Brass has an in-built water purification system that purifies the water stored in it without any bacteria.

Health Benefits of Brass:

  • Most of the people from towns and villages use brass items, similar to copper water stored in Brass is also considered to be healthier as it increases strength and immunity.
  • It will be able to control burning sensations and aggression in the body.
  • It also helps in increasing the hemoglobin count and improves the condition of your skin.
  • Brass is completely resistant to corrosion and will not rust.

    Brass Kadai for cooking:

    Brass Kadai is being used since ages due to the characteristics mentioned above. It easily reacts with Salt and Acidic food when it is heated. It is proven that cooking in Brass items will retain 93% percent of all the Nutrients available in the food.

These are considered to be the benefits of Brass Utensils.


Brass Urli:

Brass Urli is the most sold item on Nutristar, it is special for its Glossy finishing. Most of the Urlis do have elephant legged shape which is considered to be a good sign for prosperity. This product is often used to fill water with flowers as an entry home décor, however this infact leads to a positive environment in the house. Scientifically the water filled in Brass is quite pure and flowers add an extra fragrance to it making the air surrounding it to be as pure as possible.


 Brass Dinner Set:


Brass bowl, Brass glass and Brass plates are all included in the Brass set which impacts the health more positively. Brass has a phenomenon to control and improve the immunity, a dinner set like this often does more good to the health as each and every product on the table is made up of Brass.


Brass as Serveware:


It is always advisable to replace toxic plastic products with metals like Brass and Copper. Brass is available in the form of different products used on the dining table for eating purpose , showpieces etc likewise Brass is also sold as serveware where in different bowls(kalai) in different shapes including spoons can be used to get more benefitted with the beneficials offered by the metal.

Brass is considered to be the second best metal after Copper to provide huge health benefits. Apart from this Brass is extensively used for making pooja articles and home decors where it is widely used in every household. Brass looks like Gold and this is the reason for which it is used to manufacture household items.

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