Navrathri Themes!

Hello Everyone!

Hope you've started planning for Navrathri celebrations!

And we need more inputs from you so as to help others in Navrathri preparations.

One of the very first things that comes to our mind when we hear Navrathri is 'THEMES' !

Yes, we all love to be unique & express ourselves. One such opportunity is Navrathri.

Here are few themes you can showcase this Navrathri...

  • Space Theme - depict about Planets, Satellites & more...
  • Moral Stories Theme - this one is suggested by one of our Navrathri experts Ms Rashmi.
  • Handicrafts Theme - Golu display with handcrafted idols & decors.
  • Traditions Theme - depict the various traditions of people around the world.

If you have any Theme ideas, do share it as a comment below.

We'll give you Premium access to our Navrathri Offers!


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