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Favor Bags

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Widest collection of Potli bags, Paper bags, Jute bags exclusively designed and customized to your needs. Party favour bags - In Indian tradition Thamboolam comprises of the betel leaf, betel nut, coconut or fruit and a gift packed in a bag and given to all the guests on the occasion be it wedding,engagement,sadhabishegam,ayush homam,valaikapu,seemandham,sashtiapthapoorthy etc.; Favor bags are usually given to the guest by the host as a thank you gift/return gift for having their presence and blessings on the occasion. Amongst your busiest job, running around searching for innovative return gift favors and favor bags is a painful job. We are here to help you with a widest collection on return gift favors and thamboolam bags, be it a simple paper bag, or useful jute bag, or colourful rich potli bag, we have it all here. Sit back and browse through our widest collection of favor bags at the best pricing for bulk orders.
Favor Bags
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