Product code : W3642

Murthi - Annapoorni in frame - W3642

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Dimension :  Length - 1.5 inch ; Height - 2 inch
Weight :  55 grams
Minimum Order Quantity :  50
Dispatched between Feb 02, 2019 to Feb 08, 2019


It is a common traditional practice to toss an Annapoorni idol into the rice or wheat bucket that serves as your staple food! The goddess is believed to keep the container full, meaning you wouldn’t suffer any scarcity of food in life! Such prominent is the Annapoorni Idol with frame ! And that is why we have it in a beautiful brass make. Share this cute little Annapooorni idol to every guest stepping into your eve as return gift, and they are sure to cherish and use the gift throughout their life!