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Brass cow and calf antique finish medium

Product Code : W2700

Dimension :  Length - 3.5 inch ; Height - 4 inch .
Weight :  950 grams
Minimum Order Quantity :  5
Estimated Delivery : Between Mar 14, 2018 to Mar 18, 2018
Minimum Order Quantity :  5

This is definitely a beautiful and adorable return gift that you can make to your special guests and loved ones! A return gift piece of Brass Cow and Calf! It comes in a large size with Antique finish!

The calf sucks milk from its fellow mum as you observe not just the feeding, but the love and bonding between the two! It can also serve you as a graceful showpiece in your living room! So, why wait? Go on and place your orders for the gift.


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