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Trousseau Packing

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Wedding trousseau is an array of decorated plates with gifts, clothing, sweets, displayed in the wedding.Indian wedding always has its own niche for innovative ideas for wedding trousseau. Wedtree brings to you a unique collection of seer varisai plates/wedding trousseau packing trays which will enrich the stage and bring in a mood of celebration.Taking into account the degree of pomp and extravaganza associated with Indian weddings, Wedtree has designed an exclusive range of ornate trousseau packing trays for accommodating edibles, clothing, accessories and various other gift items which are exchanged as a part of the wedding rituals. Depict from a series of round, elliptical, square and rectangular trays in velvet, satin, jute and raw silk. The use of vibrant hues such as orange, yellow and pink feed the festive mood!
Trousseau Packing
Minimal Price: Rs. 99.00