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Wooden Decor

From planters and stools to trays and trinket boxes, Wedtree has a huge collection of wooden decor gifts carefully curated for you! If you are looking for decor pieces to give a cozy cottage feel to your living space, then these wooden decor are ultimately for you. Gift these wonderful wooden decor pieces to your parents, cousins, family friends, and close neighbours as a token of love.


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Elephant stool - 8 inch (Red and Orange) - WL0515

1 review
From Rs 895.00
Four Bowl Tray - WL0301
Rs 2,310.00
Magazine holder - Metal fitting - WL0273

1 review
Rs 945.00
Save 11%
Wooden Gem Stone Tray 6X8 inch

1 review
Rs 420.00 Rs 471.00
7 step golu stand - WL0491
Rs 4,950.00
3 step golu stand - WL0492
Rs 3,300.00
Planter Red - WL0262

1 review
Rs 3,150.00
Planter black - WL0261
Rs 3,150.00
Sold Out
Sold Out
Elephant stool - 15 inch (Antique Blue) - WL0260

1 review
Rs 2,520.00
Wooden 4 layered tile drawer box - WL0531

1 review
Rs 1,115.00
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