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Brass Urli

Explore our huge collection of Brass Urlis flawlessly handcrafted by our expert artisans. Urlis are particularly preferred for their artistic features that gives a traditional touch on every usage. An urli filled with water and floating flowers or diyas is sure to create a charming and positive atmosphere. This excellent masterpiece makes an excellent gift that would be a promising perquisite to your loved ones. 


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Brass Hammered Urli - WL0115

3 reviews
From Rs 899.00
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Brass Elephant Urli - WL0063
From Rs 2,940.00 Rs 5,060.00
Brass Urli - WL0576
Rs 10,945.00
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Brass Peacock Urli - WL0060
Rs 2,310.00 Rs 2,420.00
Brass Plain Urli - WL0033

1 review
From Rs 989.00
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Brass Hammered Urli - WL2179
Rs 2,449.00
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Brass Lakshmi Urli - WL2102
Rs 2,879.00
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Brass Elephant Urli - WL2313
Rs 4,989.00
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Brass Lakshmi Urli - WL2399
Rs 5,189.00
Brass Peacock Urli - WL2400
Rs 4,549.00
Brass Elephant Urli - WL2298
Rs 9,449.00
Brass Urli - WL2636
Rs 629.00
Brass Urli with Bells - WL2724
Rs 3,139.00
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