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Brass Utility

Brass utility products are widely preferred as it provides immense health benefits. Check out the array of brass utility products from Wedtree that serves various purposes. Ideal choice of gift if you prefer to gift a utility item that also serves as a dining accessory, pooja essential, and kitchenware.


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Brass Tray

5 reviews
From Rs 819.00
Sold Out
Brass coffee dabara set - WL0114
Rs 2,270.00
Sold Out
Brass diamond Cutting Pooja Bell - Small - WL0955

1 review
Rs 255.00
Sold Out
Dhoop Dhan - WL0041
Rs 1,220.00 Rs 1,275.00
Sold Out
Hanging Dhoop Burner - WL0039
Rs 525.00 Rs 550.00
Sold Out
Floral Etched Masala Box - WL0048-1
Rs 2,865.00 Rs 3,005.00
Brass Brackets (Set of 2)
From Rs 2,825.00
Save 5%
Sold Out
Sold Out
Brass Pooja Chowki - WL0053
Rs 6,740.00
54 results