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Brass Figurines

Brass figurines make an attractive home decor/showpiece and adds beauty to wherever it is placed - a perfect gift for any grand occasion. Check out these exquisite and unique artefacts from Wedtree which are specifically curated for you. We have a huge collection of hand carved brass figurines that would serve as an ideal gift and interior decor item. Revel in the joy of gifting by presenting these amazing interior decor pieces to yourself, beloved friends and family members and we are sure that they will be in awe with these brass figurines.


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Om Shivling with Brass Stand - WL0035

2 reviews
Rs 319.00
Sold Out
Brass Elephant - WL0056
Rs 3,970.00
Brass Elephant Set - WL0913

2 reviews
From Rs 650.00
Brass Dasavathar Idols - WL0306

1 review
Rs 4,410.00
Sold Out
Brass Kalpavriksha Tree with Roots - WL0890

2 reviews
Rs 6,529.00
Sold Out
Brass Radhe Krishna - WL0031
From Rs 20,369.00
Brass Leaf Krishna Wall Hanging - WL0929

1 review
Rs 1,190.00
Brass Cow and Calf - WL0905
Rs 9,875.00
Brass Cow and Calf - WL0012
Rs 3,475.00
Brass Ganesh-Lakshmi Set - WL0004

2 reviews
Rs 5,640.00
Sold Out
Brass Valampuri Ganesh - WL0513

2 reviews
Rs 15,079.00
Save 10%
Brass Ganesha on Jhoola - WL0558
Rs 14,275.00 Rs 15,820.00
126 results