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Brass Diyas

Diyas are an integral part of our festival and devotional celebrations. Diyas indicate the elimination of darkness and welcoming of light. Lighting diyas at the beginning of important occasions is part of our ancient traditional culture as it is believed to bring in prosperity. Gift these beautiful diyas to your loved ones to brighten their day as they light up these beautiful diyas on their big day.


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Brass Kalpa vriksha with T-light holder - WL0587

3 reviews
Rs 1,540.00
Saraswathi Diya (Black antique finish) - WL0080

1 review
Rs 3,390.00
Sold Out
Star deep with wooden handle
From Rs 550.00
Brass Ram Diya 4.5Inches - WL1049

1 review
Rs 735.00
Brass Kerala Diya (Set of 2) - WL0018

2 reviews
From Rs 820.00
Brass Annapakshi diya - WL0010

3 reviews
Rs 3,280.00
Sold Out
Shank Chakra with Nama Diya - WL0303

1 review
Rs 1,455.00
Sold Out
Brass Peacock Diya Urli - WL0073
Rs 5,990.00
133 results