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The Kalamkari Box - Navrathri 2019

The Kalamkari Box - Navrathri 2019


The Kalamkari box - an exclusive product of Wedtree for Navrathri 2019. For every Navrathri, we love to bring you new return gifts that are thoughtful as well as budget friendly. Return gifts are one of the most foremost things that strikes your mind when someone talks about Navrathri apart from Sundals & Gollu dolls arrangement.

The collection we primarily curate for every Navrathri is Return Gift combos. For Navrathri 2018, we customized the combo with a Jute purse and a return gift along with bangles, comb, bindi packet & haldi kumkum sachet. 

Apart from combos, we do bring in new return gifts exclusively for festive season. This Navrathri, the special return gift is 'The Kalamkari box'. As the name suggests, it is a tin box with Kalamkari inspired Peacock & Mandala patterns printed all over.

The Kalamkari Box

You might have already seen this box in our Facebook, Instagram pages as well as in our website. This box is purely 100% durable, Food safe. This criteria is well enough for you to choose as return gift for this Navrathri.

It is a typical tin box which many would use as Trinket box to store their jewellery or money. With enticing kalamkari inspired patterns embellished all around, the box looks elegant & it will be a guest loving return gift. 

To make it pocket friendly we have slashed the price to Rs 79, the original price being Rs 99. 



The Kalamkari Box Combos

If you like to add more to your return gift favour beside the Kalamkari box, we have got some exclusive return gift combos with Kalamkari box.

1. Gift combo Kalamkari box with Brocade blouse bit

This combo has the Kalamkari box, a brocade blouse bit in mixed colours and our usual thamboolam set viz., 4 glass bangles, haldi kumkum sachet. In each combo, we add different design & colours of blouse piece thereby not making it a boring return gift combo.

Price - Rs. 229/-


2. Gift combo Kalamkari box with Silk Cotton blouse bit

Similar to the aforesaid combo, the only difference this combo carries is the blouse bit. For hosts who like to pick simple solid coloured blouse bits, this would do. This combo will have blouse pieces in vibrant colours.

Price - Rs. 154/-


3. Gift combo Kalamkari box with Kalamkari blouse bit

Combo includes the Kalamkari box, thamboolam set viz., 4 glass bangles & haldi kumkum sachet along with Kalamkari blouse bit. If you're a Kalamkari person and love to gift them to your guests this Navrathri, this combo is for you! Mix of vivacious kalamkari fabrics in different colours will make this combo the fabulous one!

Price - Rs. 229/-


4. Gift combo Kalamkari box with Printed cotton blouse bit

You've planned to give cotton blouse bits to your guests this Navrathri but in dilemma whether it will loved by guests, we suggest you to have a look at this combo. This combo has cotton blouse bits with different beautiful patterns block printed all over. Like other blouse bits, it comes in different colours each being unique & attractive.

Wedtree Return Gift combo - Kalamkari box with Cotton Printed Blouse piece - Return gifts for Wedding, Navrathri, Upanayanam, Engagement & all events

Price - Rs. 229/-


Pick your favourite from these combos or even the Kalamkari box as return gift for this Navrathri & surprise your guests. Order via the links provided under each combo and get it delivered at your doorstep. We'll bring your more return gifts in our next post! Have a great festive season!



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