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5 Holiday gifts for coworkers & employees

5 Holiday gifts for coworkers & employees

It’s the time of the year, you will be moving around and scratching your head to get the right holiday gift for your loved ones, friends, co-workers, clients and the list goes on ! Most of you might know what your friends or loved ones are interested in and choosing a gift for them is not quite a heavy task. But when it comes to your co-workers or employees, you ought to pick the most thoughtful one and it may even build healthy relationships among you and them!

We have created a new holiday gift guide below that’s exclusively for your coworkers, employees & even clients/customers! We present you here 5 best gifts for this holiday.

Laptop Bag with Kantha work

One of the important accessories your co-workers or employees possess is their laptop. Why don’t you give them a lovely laptop bag...Oh, wait! Not ‘just’ a regular laptop bag with prints or quotes. This one is quite a different one curated from Bagru printed fabric with Kantha work. 

Here’s the link - LAPTOP BAGS


Whatever technologies may come, one thing that comes handy is diary. What we have is a compact diary that you can carry in your hand bag or messenger bag. People can organize their meetings be it over skype or at a venue, write short notes on to-do works etc. We have a wide array of diaries with Indian touch! Yes! Ikat covered, Brocade fabric covered, a vintage leather covered etc. 

Here’s the link - DIARY

Pen stands

Who said pen stands are boring???!  No, they’re not when it’s from Wedtree! We have some of the fabulous pen stands embellished with Minakari designs, german oxidised finish. If you’re looking for eco friendly pick, go for our jute art pen stands.

Here’s the link - PEN STANDS

Copper Bottle

Due to several health benefits, copper based utensils, cookware are being widely used nowadays. We have curated our copper gifts collection in unique & attractive designs. One such gift is a Copper bottle with hand paintings.

Here’s the link - COPPER BOTTLE

The Kalamkari box

One of the recent product we have curated is the Kalamkari box. It is a tin box with Kalamkari inspired Mandala, Peacock motifs printed all over. And it’s completely durable & food safe! 

Here’s the link - THE KALAMKARI BOX

Happy gifting & Happy holidays!

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