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5 Types of Gift Givers, and what Wedtree has in Store for Them

5 Types of Gift Givers, and what Wedtree has in Store for Them

Nothing adds to the pleasure of those grand days of celebrations, like the tradition of gifting. Before you select your next gift and its lucky recipient, why not decide the type of gift-givers you match the most?

1. The Point Makers

Whether you need to motivate a clumsy college friend to dress more maturely by gifting a pack of ties, or surprise your mother on her birthday by presenting her a classy favor bag with a stylish pair of earrings, Wedtree has the perfect collection of gifts for people who want to make a point with their gifts.

2. The Splurge Addicts

A class of shoppers we adore the most, splurge addicts don’t look at the price tag when they go gift shopping. Wedtree has the right mix of premium gifting options, right from awesome jewelry, to top quality dry fruit packets for all splurge addicts.

3. The Story Tellers

They like their gifts to tell stories and invest their most precious commodity - their time - on selecting the perfect gift. Surprise your special someone with some of the thoughtful gifts such scented candles, cute little décor artifacts, quirky gift items from Wedtree.

4. The Practical Gifter

It often makes sense to think on the lines of practicality when you gift. Check out Wedtree’s collection of smart return gifts, ideal for your distant cousins and office colleagues, who’ll love and cherish the precious gifts for years to come.

5. The Last Minute Shopper

There are people who tend to wait till the last minute to shop for gifts before any special occasion. If you find it tough to make up your mind quickly, browse the Wedtree catalog of gifts for all occasions, right from decorative items for homes, to the smartest compact jewelry boxes.

Weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, and promotions – whatever be the reason for celebration, WedTree has the coolest gift collections for you.

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