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'Thirumana Malar' - Its all about Wedding!!

'Thirumana Malar' - Its all about Wedding!!

“The truest mark of your success in life will be the quality of your marriage”

                                                                      - Gordon B. Hinckley

Marriages as the above line quotes reflects the true meaning of life of every individual. Success here not only refers to the economic status but also the presence of real happiness in your lives.

The most important decision in everyone’s lives is choosing ‘the one’. That one person who’s going to come all the way till the end of your life be it happier times or along the path full of thorns.

In the recent times, lots of websites are being launched exclusively for bride/bridegroom search. 

To make your/your son or daughter’s life partner search much simpler, ‘Mangayar Malar’ - one of the most popular & largest circulating Tamil fortnight magazine for women is now being published along with supplementary magazine in the name of ‘Thirumana Malar’. 

‘Thirumana Malar’ has more number of verified listing of Brides & Bridegrooms. Its content doesn’t end here. It also covers various articles on Weddings. This includes temples to be visited for marriage, planning the budget friendly wedding, tips on choosing return gifts, thamboolam bags, readers experience on weddings & more.

You can also subscribe to the magazine or read it online @ https://www.kalkionline.com/tmalar/tmalar1.php

Don’t wait! Start your life partner search & know more on weddings by subscribing to Thirumana Malar by Mangayar Malar.


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