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Tamil New Year

With the month of April slowly unfolding, the festival that most of us eagerly await is the Tamil New Year which indicates the first day of the Tamil month Chithirai

This festival falls on the 14th of April every year marking the outset of a new year and the festivals that follow. In different parts of Tamil Nadu, Tamil New Year is also cited as Puthandu, Puthuvarudam, Varuda pirapu, and Chithirai Thirunal. 

This day is largely celebrated as the traditional new year in the state of Tamil Nadu accustomed to various regional rituals. In the name of Poila Baishakh in West Bengal and Vishu in Kerala, this festival is celebrated in nooks and crannies across the country! 

How is Tamil New Year celebrated?

The celebration of this festival includes certain key customs traditionally followed by Hindus across the country. 

  • At the dawn of the day, people enthusiastically wake up, dress up and sketch colorful rangolis at their doorways with decorative flowers. People heartily greet each other for a happy and blessed new year to fall their way! 

In addition to decorating homes with flowers, kolams, diyas, etc., a charming piece of decor like an Urli could make your celebration more prominent.  

Scroll through Wedtree’s vast collection of Brass Urlis and German silver urlis to perk up your New Year celebration!! 

Brass & German Silver Urlis by Wedtree
  • Presenting gifts to our most loved ones during the new year is very special because it signifies that we wish them a good start and blessings throughout the year!! 

Here, we present our collection of Kumkum holders that make an excellent choice of gift for this New Year! 

German Silver & Marble Kumkum Holders by Wedtree

  • The ritual of KANNI (meaning ‘auspicious sight’) is performed in every household in favor of Goddess Lakshmi to receive the blessings of wealth. A tray loaded with fruits, flowers, betel leaves, gold and silver jewelry, money, and other valuables is placed in front of a mirror. This setup being the first sight of the family members on the day of Tamil New Year is what this ritual is all about. 

A sure strike at this point for many of us would be to have a good and durable tray for ourselves too, to perform this ritual. 

Which tray can be used and Why?

A brass tray is a perfect option because Brass is a metal that is considered traditional and auspicious. Traditionally, Brass utilities were and are still used to present annaprasadam offerings to deities. 

Wedtree has curated Brass trays and other Brass utilities that are perfect for various pooja purposes! 

Brass Tray & Chowki by Wedtree

Our collection of utilities are durable, decorative, and of course, reasonably priced. Check it out and gift it to yourself and your loved ones this New Year. 

  •  Last but not the least, people meet and greet each other visiting their friends and relatives on this day. And on that note, people also offer return gifts to the ones visiting their homes as a token of love. 

Handpicked Divine return gifts from Wedtree in white metal (both gold and oxidized finish) - perfect return gift pick!! 


Place your orders now and Revel in the joy of gifting to yourself and your loved ones!




Thenmozhi Iyappan

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