100 Peacock Feather Hand bags for Reception

100 pcs of hand bag - Peacock feather design as return gift favors for a Wedding Reception in Chennai.

Material & Usage

This bag is made of raw silk with peacock feather design. This hand bag is big enough to hold a medium size coconut/fruit, some sweets and a small gift.

Size & Colour

These bags comes in mixed colors such as

  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Blue
  • Pink
  • Purple etc.

It costs $ 1.69  each. We can even tag a Thank you card with a personalized message at an additional cost of $ 0.11.

The actual size of the bag is of height 9 inches and width 8 inches. As per customer's request the size of the bags were customized to height 10 inches and width 10 inches. Additional cost for customization.

Perfect return gift for Wedding, Engagement, Navarathri, Upanayanam and all other family occasions.

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